Area Rugs Make The Room

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The very foundation for a better, more stylish room starts with the area rug you select. The right design, color and texture tie all the surrounding elements together.


An area rug may provide the springboard for your entire color scheme or quietly accent the rest of a room's furnishings. Actually, if something seems to be missing in an otherwise well-decorated room, chances are an area rug will be your solution.


Classic Galleries is known for high end, genuine hand made rugs. Every facet of the rug buying experience at Classic Galleries, from the way we sell to the service and consultation we provide, is designed to make the experience of choosing an Oriental rug for your home or business a pleasurable, memorable and deeply satisfying experience. 


Find out how an area rug may provide the springboard for your room's entire color scheme.

Shown here are just a sampling of the hundreds of rugs on display in our showroom. Stop by soon.