The "Sunday" of summer

Doesn’t early September feel the the “Sunday” of summer? I keep sneaking peeks at my calendar, counting down the last days of the month.


On the one hand, I love the chill that creeps into the evening air of September, the allure of freshly sharpened pencils and pumpkin spice everything, but on the other… there’s just something about summer I don’t want to let go.


Maybe that’s why I’ve been spending this time like a squirrel gathering nuts for winter. A new lamp for shorter days ahead, a more comfortable sofa to binge new shows, more stylish and useful work-from-home furniture.


How about you? What will you need to get your home ready for fall?


Come visit our showroom featuring over 100 room settings tailor-made for inspiration and/or call one of our interior designers today, we’re here to help!

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